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February Clean Planet: Seeds of Partnership planted

We were in luck - the snow from a recent snowstorm melted just in time for February’s Clean Planet Day. Verónica and I ventured out to do a trash cleanup on our own. To our delight, as we walked, we saw two people with yellow vests already picking up trash from the bushes in the middle of a roundabout!

We approached them, thanking them for their efforts, and learned that they were members of Golden’s Rotary International club – an international organization that works around the world to fight disease and provide access to clean water and food for communities in need. We proudly shared Clean Planet’s work and mission and the events across the Americas that were happening that day.

This could be an outlet for creating teamwork around Verónica’s Clean Planet Play Date; for now, we were glad to meet new friends who were also volunteering their time to clean up nature.

We expect to see them again on another Clean Planet Day.

2024 Clean Planet February
2024 Clean Planet February


Become a Leader in Our Global Effort!

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