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January Clean Planet: a workout and trash cleanup in one

What do you do on Clean Planet Day when you haven’t yet gotten the workout that you wanted to? Plogging, of course! Which means jogging and picking up trash at the same time.  Verónica and I ran to nearby Golden High School and took to the track, plucking plastic from the perimeter of the track. After running a few laps and gathering all that we could see, we hit the trash jackpot – the river that separates the track from the school and beneath the metal stands.

The next time we can meet with the school Principal, we will show the photos of our cleanup as a reminder that while the school may have an environmental club, there’s still work to do with raising awareness for disposing of trash responsibly. This is not to make anyone wrong but to speak to the opportunity for developing conscious young adults who appreciate and respect our common home.

2024 Clean Planet January
2024 Clean Planet January


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