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Our City, Our Responsibility: CleanPlanet Day November

Updated: Jan 4

CleanPlanet Day in November

November marked another remarkable chapter in our journey as active members of Clean Planet. It's a story that resonates with the idea that positive change begins right at home, within the communities we call our own.

Since becoming deeply involved with Clean Planet leadership, I've come to discover that the beautiful city I call home, Vancouver, BC, Canada, is a place that cherishes its natural beauty and places a strong emphasis on community-driven environmental initiatives.

One such initiative that caught my attention is the monthly clean-up events hosted in various city parks and the enticing prospect of adopting a block within the city to keep it clean and pristine.

This newfound awareness was more than just knowledge; it was an invitation to step out and take action. And this invitation came from a dear friend of mine, Joel. He invited me to join him in a collective effort at Andy Livingstone Park, where over 30 dedicated individuals gathered to make a difference. It was a gathering that would cleanse not only our local environment but also our souls.

With my wife, Amy, by my side, we embarked on this noble mission armed with a clear purpose—to collect and remove any litter or debris that had found its way into the park. The result? Two bags filled to the brim with trash, each bag representing a step towards a cleaner, greener, and more responsible community.

As I stood there, surveying the park and the group's efforts, it struck me once again—the profound impact of simple acts. Picking up trash, leading by example, and actively participating in community initiatives can indeed be transformative. It's a testament to the age-old wisdom that actions speak louder than words.

Inspired by this experience and fueled by the desire to do more, Amy and I decided to adopt not one but two blocks within our beloved city. Our chosen team name? "Piglet & Pooh Bear Save the World." It was more than a catchy title; it was a commitment, a promise to ourselves and our community.

What I took away from this enriching experience is a simple yet profound lesson—don't wait for change; be the change. Our cities, our neighborhoods, and our communities are a reflection of us. If we desire a cleaner, more vibrant, and harmonious world, it begins with our commitment, our willingness to take ownership, and our readiness to inspire others through our actions.

November's Clean Planet Day reminded me that our cities are not just geographical locations; they are living, breathing entities that thrive when nurtured with love and care. It's a reminder that together, as a community, we can make our surroundings a better place—one block at a time.

As we wrap up this chapter of our Clean Planet journey, it's an invitation to all of us to explore the opportunities within our own cities, embrace the responsibility of making a positive impact, and adopt our own blocks, metaphorically or literally, and create a world that reflects the beauty and unity we wish to see.

Will you be a part of this change?

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