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Rooting Myself in Taganga: A Clean Planet Journey from Nomad to Community Steward

After eight years of a nomadic life that took me across continents and through countless communities, my journey has taken a pivotal turn. I have found a new home in Taganga, Colombia, marking the first time in nearly a decade that I truly feel part of a community. This shift from being a global nomad to establishing roots in a single place is a significant one for me, both personally and as a leader within the Clean Planet initiative.

My travels over the years have been instrumental in spreading our mission and inspiring leaders worldwide. Each city and country I visited added a piece to the puzzle of our global outreach. However, settling in Taganga opens a new chapter where I can contribute more directly and sustainably to a place I now call home.

In February, I embarked on a personal project that reflects my commitment to this community and the environment. I began creating eco-bricks, a simple yet effective way to manage plastic waste. By washing and compacting used plastic into bottles, I'm not just reducing my environmental footprint; I'm preparing materials for a very special construction project next door—a healing space that aims to be a beacon of tranquility and regeneration in Taganga.

The process of creating these eco-bricks has become a morning ritual for me, a mindful practice that connects me to my commitment to the planet. Then, in the afternoons, when the sun's intensity wanes, I take Bombom, my new pup, for walks around the community. Together, we collect trash, turning our strolls into meaningful actions that contribute to the cleanliness and health of our surroundings.

This personal initiative might seem small in the grand scheme of things, but its impact is noticeable. Neighbors have seen me out with Bombom, bag in hand, picking up litter. Their reactions have been heartening—some have expressed their admiration and interest in joining the effort. It's a testament to the power of individual actions to inspire collective change.

As I reflect on this new chapter of my life in Taganga, I'm filled with gratitude and a sense of purpose. The decision to anchor myself here and invest in this community and its environment is a profound one. It's a reminder that while our global mission is vast, the foundation of change lies in the simple, everyday actions we take.

As we look ahead to the next CleanPlanet Day, I extend an invitation to each of you:

Will you join us?

Whether you're a longtime resident of your community or a nomad like I once was, your contributions matter. Together, our individual efforts compound into a significant force for good, making our planet cleaner, greener, and more vibrant for all its inhabitants.

Will you take up the challenge and join us in making a difference, one piece of trash, one ecobrick at a time?


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