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Salt Spring Island Forest Bathing for Clean Planet

For February's Clean Planet Day, I found myself on a small gulf island off Vancouver's mainland, known as Salt Spring Island, for band rehearsals. Before the day of music began, I decided to enjoy a local trail and had planned to clean up any litter I found. As I started walking, I was surprised to find no garbage lying around. Given that Salt Spring Island is known for its environmentally-conscious community, it was no surprise that the locals respected and cared for their natural areas.

Often, when I'm out hiking, my mind is already preoccupied with what's next on my to-do list, like grabbing food or completing tasks. However, this time, I took the opportunity to be present and immerse myself in the forest's beauty, listening to the breeze. As a confessed tree-hugger, I thoroughly enjoyed this moment!

As a member of Clean Planet, the common monthly action is conducting a trash clean-up, but our efforts are not limited to that. You can plant a tree or a flower, do something good for someone in your community, or take time out of your busy life to restore your relationship with Planet Earth.

Let's raise awareness about cleaning our communities and lead by example! I encourage you to consider joining our Clean Planet organization. We aim to expand our conversation about environmental care worldwide.


Become a Leader in Our Global Effort!

Join our Clean Planet Online Leadership Community today and connect with like-minded individuals who are making a difference. Together, we can inspire change and lead the movement towards a cleaner, greener planet. Click here to start your journey with us. Let's make every day a CleanPlanet Day!

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