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Time with Mom, A CleanPlanet Day to Remember: CleanPlanet Day November

Updated: Jan 4

CleanPlanet Day in November

CleanPlanet Day is more than just picking up trash; it's a day dedicated to nurturing the environment and bringing positive change to our communities.

This November, my CleanPlanet Day experience took a unique turn as I joined forces with my mom to freshen up her front yard. Despite the simplicity of our actions, it was a day filled with connection, shared purpose, and a profound sense of contributing to a cleaner, more beautiful world.

The Beauty of Small Beginnings:

On this crisp November morning, I found myself with my mom as we began planting new flowers, arranging existing plants, and doing some healing work on the mango tree I planted couple years ago from a cleanplanet collaboration in Miami over at Green Haven Project. The experience of digging our hands into the soil and tending to the plants was therapeutic and grounding.

Quality Time and Bonding:

CleanPlanet Day provided a unique opportunity to spend quality time with my mom. As we worked together to beautify her piece of Pachamama (Mother Earth), we shared stories, laughter, frustrations for sure, and moments of reflection. The experience strengthened our bond while nurturing our shared connection to nature.

Connecting with Nature:

Amidst the planting and landscaping, I couldn't help but feel a profound connection with the environment. Each flower we planted, and every branch we pruned felt like an act of communion with the natural world. It served as a reminder that CleanPlanet Day is not limited to cleaning up trash but extends to enhancing the beauty of our surroundings and remembering that it's an opportunity to take care of our planet. Planting seeds of love into our planet. Then, I saw how she blossomed in gratitude.

One Action, a World of Impact:

While our efforts may seem modest in the grand scheme of things, they exemplify the power of small actions. Just as a single grain of sand contributes to the formation of a vast desert, our simple act of beautifying the front yard has the potential to inspire others. It's a reminder that change starts at home and radiates outward.

A Call to Action:

CleanPlanet Day invites everyone to take that first step toward creating a cleaner, more sustainable planet. While one small act may not change the world overnight, it can catalyze a global consciousness shift. By joining together, we can create a future where we coexist harmoniously with our planet and all its inhabitants.

As CleanPlanet Day in November drew to a close, I felt a deep sense of fulfillment. Our modest efforts had transformed my mom's front yard and our connection to it. With each CleanPlanet Day, we take a step closer to a world where environmental stewardship is a way of life.

Will you be a part of this change?

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