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Increasing Quality of Life

August 1, 2018


At Clean Planet, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing some important issues such as quality of life.


With 20 dollars, people in countries like Venezuela, Haiti, and Peru can dramatically increase their quality of life having enough income to provide for their families and use the extra to invest in more income-generating activities. People don't need a handout, people want an opportunity to make a change.


Average Wage Low Income Family

Colombia             .83 cents an Hour

Venezuela            .50 cents an Hour

Peru                     .64 Cents an Hour


Clean Planet Volunteer 

                           2.60 an Hour

(More than 2x's Average Salary)


Increasing the pay wage gives the community citizens more leverage to financially make an impact and provide for their family lowering the crime rate raised by the need to survive harsh circumstances.

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