For your donation towards helping us to continue to build a self-sustainable non-profit organization empowering Community Leaders around the world to create and sustain a CleanPlanet. 

A special thank you for all of the organizations, partners, donors, artist, and volunteers that have helped CleanPlanet as a vision stay alive. 

Global Team

Serge Baptiste

Caribbean Logistics

Sebastian Hernandez

International Relations

Andy Bayon

Global Logistics

Davidson Prevost

Director Haiti Operations

Emilce Zuluaga

Director Colombia Operations

Pivotal Partners


Traveline was one of the first organizations that believed in our vision and supported it by providing CleanPlanet key personnel that helped get us on our feet. Use Booking Code "CleanPlanet" and 10% is donated to CleanPlanet. Travel and make a difference. 



RedSurgir and CleanPlanet joined forces in August and together ignited the entire city of Pereira, Colombia to get involved in our monthly cleanup. 


Global Embassy for Peace

The Global Embassy of Activist for Peace played a vital role in helping us expand our message throughout Colombia by taking the project as part of their own and inviting community leaders to get involved.  

World Clean Up Day

World CleanUp Day set the global intention to have a global cooperation to Clean our planet. With that initiative, CleanPlanet took the opportunity to unite and help spread the message. 

Collaborators & Sponsors

Countries Participating

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