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Reviving the Land: A Spiritual and Environmental Clean Planet Day in Taganga

This March, we embarked on a profoundly spiritual and environmental project for Clean Planet Day, marking a milestone in our journey towards healing and restoring the natural balance of our beloved Taganga.

This initiative, deeply rooted in the collaboration between WeCleanPlanet, local community leaders, and the indigenous Kogi people, symbolizes a full-circle moment for me, Sebastian Hernandez. Having settled in this picturesque fisherman's town, which hosted the very first CleanPlanet cleanup on its shores, I find myself reflecting on the incredible journey that brought me here and the powerful impact we continue to make.

The backstory of this project is as meaningful as the actions it comprises. Taganga, my new home, is not just a place of breathtaking beauty but also a community eager to embrace sustainable and transformative practices. The collaboration with Diskoncept, a local organization, and the guidance of the Kogi people, known as the guardians of this land, has set the stage for a CleanPlanet Day unlike any other.

Our mission began at dawn on a Thursday as a dedicated group gathered at Diskoncept headquarters, equipped with shovels and picks. We ventured to a former waterhole, a sacred site where water once emerged to give life to rivers but had sadly dried up due to environmental neglect. Inspired by Kogi's wisdom, we aimed to offer our prayers, respect, and tangible contributions to restore this vital source of water. As a shaman apprentice, the significance of reconnecting with Mother Earth in such a direct and humble manner filled me with anticipation and reverence.

The following day, we returned to the site, this time to plant 30 local trees in the prepared holes, a symbolic and practical effort to rejuvenate the waterhole. This act of planting was not just about reforestation but a deeply spiritual ritual to ask for forgiveness and seek harmony with nature.

Our journey continued with a unique clean-up endeavor on Friday, where a team of divers took to the waters of Taganga to remove trash from the depths, highlighting our commitment to caring for all elements of our environment.

Saturday, the official CleanPlanet Day, brought together the community, Diskoncept members, and the Kogi for a day of spiritual and physical cleansing. We began with a spiritual ceremony to honor and heal the land, followed by a collective effort to remove physical waste, symbolizing our dedication to the well-being of our planet on multiple levels.

Closing out the week, we gathered for a celebratory ceremony, offering our gratitude to the land and the community, led by local shamans and spiritual teachers. This series of events not only signifies the most spiritual CleanPlanet experience on record but also serves as a powerful reminder of the impact we can achieve through unity, respect, and service.

As we share this story, it's important to remember that similar acts of service are unfolding across the globe, from Peru to Canada and beyond, with community leaders and volunteers all committing to the simple yet profound act of picking up trash. This collective effort underscores the essence of serving—not for recognition or reward but out of a genuine desire to contribute to something greater than ourselves.

In closing, this month's journey through CleanPlanet Day is a call to action for everyone to recognize the power of individual and collective efforts in fostering environmental care and transformation. As we move forward, let us carry the spirit of service, the reverence for our planet, and the commitment to positive change in our hearts.

Will you join us in making a difference?

On this upcoming Saturday, April 27th, let CleanPlanet count on you.

Share your actions on social media with #CleanPlanetDay and tag us @WeCleanPlanet.

Together, we can create ripples of change that extend far beyond what we can see, forging a path of growth, impact, and endless possibilities for our world.


Become a Leader in Our Global Effort!

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